Grass Fed Beef

My parents, Barb & Ed Burkett, have been raising grass fed animals for the last 30 years on their 175 acre farm in Northwestern PA.  The climate in Pennsylvania is well suited for raising grass fed animals.  We have ample rainfall throughout the growing season which allows for lush pastures and we often get 3 cuttings off our hayfields.

My dad always believed animals were healthier, and in turn were healthier for us, when they could graze on pasture.  This was before much of the research was done on the benefits of grass fed meat.   If you have never had grass fed beef the first thing you notice is how deep red the meat is.  Because the meat is leaner there is less fat or marble which causes the meat to look pail.  And the flavor…you’ll have to taste it to believe it.

We have a limited number of steers each year.  This year’s steers will be ready in Sept or Oct 2012, because they are grass fed it is more difficult to set an exact date.  To reserve your 1/4 or 1/2 make a deposit in the products section.  We will send you a form to make your cut selections.

hormone & antibiotic free, all meat is shipped frozen on dry ice.  click here for shipping costs.  


cattle on pasture


porterhouse ready for grilling


grilled tenderloin

Ed in front of the barn

My parents farm

Ed in front of barn

My parents 100 year old barn


Mother and calf at the farm

cattle on pastureporterhouse ready for grillinggrilled tenderloin2012-05-20_11-14-22_617My parents farmMy parents 100 year old barnMother and calf at the farm